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At Delco Products, we are avid outdoorsmen that live to hunt, fish and explore. Our everyday experiences are baked into the innovative processes that help us engineer high-quality, versatile products that are tailor-made to elevate every aspect of your outdoor experience.

We strongly believe in delivering the highest-quality products therefore all of our products are proudly made right here in the USA.

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Stimulate fish to search for food and make their appetite insatiable with the DIATRACT FISH BOMB. Simply toss the Fish Bomb in the water, or drop it down an ice hole where you are fishing. The Fish Bomb is biodegradable and will sink slowly to the bottom releasing DIATRACT’s patented formulations of enzymes specifically designed to trigger fish to start a feeding frenzy. The slow sinking design creates a surface to bottom commotion that quickly stimulates fish feeding behavior at every depth level of the area where you are fishing.

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DIATRACT Formula 10 Combo Pack

$22 $16.99 limited time special offer

DIATRACT IS MUCH MORE THAN AN ATTRACTANT! Our scientifically derived formula triggers fish to search for food and makes their appetite INSATIABLE. The patented formulations have been developed based on over 30 years of university research on fish (YEAH, REALLY). Researchers identified the precise combination of protein compounds that stimulate the part of the brain that draws fish to a food source. This product includes 2 Crazy Craw lures presoaked in DIATRACT, 2 jigs, and a 2 oz bottle of DIATRACT to keep your baits super stinky and extra effective.

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