DIATRACT’S scientifically derived formula triggers the search for food and makes appetite insatiable. The patented formulations have been developed based on decades of university research on fish. Researchers actually measured the brain wave activity of fish (yes, really) to identify the precise combination of chemical compounds which excite the part of the brain that draw fish to a food source. Diatract will cause the fish to search incessantly for the heaviest concentration of the mixture while inhibiting the part of the brain that indicates a full feeling, making the fish appetite insatiable.


Look, we all have that friend that swears he caught a 16 footer with nothin’ but a nightcrawler on the end of his line. Well, now you too can have your big fishtales, the only difference is, you’ll have the photos to back ‘em up.

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Place bait in pouch and pour enough formula directly into pouch to saturate bait.   


Patience is key, give it at least an hour to soak, but for best results, soak overnight.


Place the bait in pouch and pour enough formula to coat the bait thoroughly. Pour remaining liquid in the water or store to re-soak the bait later.


Cast your line and let the fish come to you!


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