D2 Steel Ultimate Handcrafted Field Knife

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Insanely durable handcrafted knives | made in the USA

Our D2 STEEL ULTIMATE FIELD KNIFE is made from a full-tang blade of D2 Tool Steel, it is hand ground to perfection, then shaped by expert-skilled craftsmen, it is then vacuum-tempered to 57-59HRC creating an incredibly durable and robust piece that is the ULTIMATE TOOL FOR ANY OUTDOORSMAN. The custom handles are shaped, buffed, and polished for a perfect grip. Journeyman leather craftsman handcrafts a custom-fit buffalo leather belt sheath for each knife.


  • Solid D2 Steel Blade
  • Every knife is handcrafted
  • Handcrafted leather sheath


D2 Steel gained immense popularity during World War II when it was used on production lines to cut softer steels into shapes to eventually be made into tanks, armored vehicles, and fighter planes. To sum it up, D2 steel was designed to easily cut through other steels and to cut through other steels repeatedly in a factory setting without major wear and tear. D2 is an incredibly hard steel that is specifically designed for high impact and heavy use. Since it is so hard, it works fantastic for knife blades that are going to see continued and repeated use.