The Delco Tackle Pack

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The Ultimate Fishing Combo Pack

We are offering INSANE savings of 25% + FREE SHIPPING when you package our DIATRACT products together. Buy our Tackle Pack today and catch more fish tomorrow!

DIATRACT IS MUCH MORE THAN AN ATTRACTANT! Our scientifically derived formula triggers fish to search for food and makes their appetite INSATIABLE. The patented formulations have been developed based on over 30 years of university research on fish (YEAH, REALLY). Researchers identified the precise combination of protein compounds that stimulate the part of the brain that draws fish to a food source. DIATRACT will cause the fish to search incessantly for the heaviest concentration of the mixture while inhibiting the part of the brain that indicates a feeling of being full. DIATRACT MAKES A FISH'S APPETITE INSATIABLE.


  • 1x 8oz. DIATRACT Liquid
  • 1x DIATRACT Fish Attractant Combo Pack
  • 1x DIATRACT Crazy Crappie
  • 1x DIATRACT Crazy Craw
  • 1x DIATRACT Crazy Worm